April With the weather getting warmer we are able to go into our hives and see what our girls are doing.  Hopefully our hive losses are minimal.    Many are seeing eggs and larvae and putting on more boxes to accommodate our growing hives.   Watching for & prepping/catching swarms

 Rose Leede   The Illinois State Beekeeper Assc. president is  S.I. All A Buzz member Rose Leede.      Rose is the first female president of ISBA in 31 years.   She was honored by a House Resolution 737 which marked Women’s History month. Rose and her husband Doug own and operate

  2022  April 27th          It has been a busy month for us beekeepers.     Checking our hives, trying to catch a glimpse of our queen(s) or brood.    Possibly  adding supers, prepping for swarms and even catching swarms.   I know of 2 of our members that have already caught swarms.    This