2023  Meeting Dates

6p.m. Outside     7p.m. Inside

Feb. 20th         March 20th       April 17th     May 15th

June 19th     July  no meeting     Aug.  21st

Sept. 18th     Oct. 23rd     Nov. No meeting

Dec. 4th


  Young Beekeepers apprenticeship

         S.I. All A Buzz Bees  Young Beekeeper Apprenticeship will start back up in the spring of 2023          

  For anyone 12-18 yr.

We will provide you with :  Starter hive and bees, Bee suit, Smoker, Hive tool and 2 mentors

Applications are available thru S.I. All A Buzz .com

Leedle Houme Bees is having their beginner beekeeping classes.  

Classes begin February 25   5  Sunday classes  Each class is 3 hrs


   2023 American Beekeeping Federation Conference & Tradeshow    

 ABF’s 80th Anniversary

Hyatt Regency    Jacksonville Riverfront

Jacksonville, Florida             

https://www.abfnet.org/mpage/2023Conference Registration

          Early registration discounts until November 29, 2022                 

Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association

ISBA Summer Conference

July 14th & 15th

Quincy, Illinois

Guest Speakers:

  Kamon Reynolds, Randy McCaffrey, Natalee Summers, Jeff Horchoff, Cory Stevens, Elsa Gallagher and many more

Check them out on Youtube